Calisthenics in Leeds Gyms

Are you in Leeds and looking to do calisthenics in a gym rather than work out outdoors? Here are a few Leeds gyms with amazing facilities to suit your needs:

The Sudden Movements Gym (LS12 2QG) has ropes for climbing, suspension trainers, olympic rings and a tall framework with bars for pull ups.

CrossFit Leeds (LS7 2AL) has a pull up rig capable of holding 18 people, gymnastics rings, 4 climbing ropes and 4 adjustable weight vests.

Form Leeds (LS11 5JJ) has a large frame with multiple pull-up bars.

Primal Gym (LS10 1PZ) has a slam wall, monkey bars and climbing ropes.

Also, there are frames good for calisthenics in commercial gyms like Virgin Active and Exercise 4 Less (X4L) both on Kirkstall Road.

None of the above gyms offer classes specifically focused on calisthenics in the sense of street workout on bars but they all incorporate calisthenic exercises in their classes.

Looking for a Calisthenics Personal Trainer in Leeds? Contact Vlad or read more.

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